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Use Rent WiFi and get the best portable wifi device rental deals for your travels abroad is a broker specialized in renting worldwide portable Wi-Fi equipment. In other words, we research the world market for portable Wi-Fi suppliers, we review their products and services and let you know if they are worthy for your money. We keep a close eye on the technology trends and test the latest developed equipment. This way we can help you make the right choice without spending precious time with research or getting lost in technical terms.

Telecom suppliers have long benefited from high margins coming from over-priced data roaming services. Recent technological evolution brought more portability than ever and people want to be online anytime, anywhere, without thinking of costs. We believe in freedom and mobility so we are here to offer you the best tips and recommendations for renting a portable WiFi hotspot device when you need a travel advisor. We believe in fair prices and fair services so, although we will try to cover all the players on the market, we will only recommend those that play fair and take care of their customers.

Want to use email or skype videocalls, download or upload large files, browse the Internet and virtually work from anywhere? Would you like to do that without paying the expensive data roaming services your operator charges? In that case you are in the right place! Please check our directory of portable wifi providers for the country you are travelling to and rent a portable WiFi device to suit your needs. We do our best to get the most complete and accurate view of the market, but if your country is not on our list please get in touch with us and we will have one of our consultants help you.

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