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Want to use email or skype videocalls, download large files, browse the Internet and virtually work from anywhere? Would you like to do that without paying the expensive data roaming services your operator charges?

You’re in the right place! Please check our global directory of portable wifi providers for the country you’re travelling to and rent a portable WiFi device to suit your needs. We do our best to get the most complete and accurate view of the market.

Allday Internet Spain
Allday Internet Spain
Rent a MiFi in Spain and avoid expensive data roaming.
902 123 480
Spain pocket WiFi rental
Although Spain is an ideal country for doing business, perhaps it is not as easy to stay connected to your home company and family with the internet. That is why Allday Internet is the cheapest and most comfortable alternative to have access to the internet with a wireless wifi because you will not pay roaming due to the Spanish 3G network. Allday Internet will send you a mobile device to the place you choose, to the hotel or any place where you stay, to the business venue you will attend or to the business centre, as you prefer.

So, rent a Spain pocket WiFi  and get all the benefits of using Internet wherever you are.

Find more options for Spain in our worldwide directory of portable wifi devices.
Allday Internet Spain
No data limit per day
0 euro
credit card, debit card, PayPal
self-addressed stamped envelope
Your Pocket Wifi Rental in Spain
5 €/day
37,60 € ---> unlimited data
8 days 48,80 € (unlimited data)
0034 954289879
Mifi Rental Spain - Easymifi

Easymifi is your Mobile Wifi Rental in Spain, a pocket device that creates your own personal Wi-Fi hotspot wherever you are and let you being connected to the internet at full speed, until 21 Mbps. 24/7 Unlimited Data. Prices start from less than €5/day. In all over Spain (Peninsula) and in Canary and Balearic Islands.

Unlimited internet during your trip over Spain at full speed, up to 8 devices can be connected simultaneously: Iphone, smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras, etc.
Book Online and pay with credit card or Paypal. Delivery and Pick Up at Your hotel, apartment, villa… by courier company.
No data limits
70 €
credit card, PayPal
Courier company
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France Travel Wifi
France Travel Wifi
Travel Wifi, from 4€ a day!
41 €
France Travel WiFi
Travel Wifi offers the rental of mobile hotspots with unlimited data, at 4G speed for you trip to France. No more data roaming charges if you need internet in France! You can share the connection with up to 11 people at the same time.

We are located in Paris. You can receive the device at your hotel or any place in France or just self pick-up in our office.

Hope to see you soon!
credit card
With the prepaid envelope that we give, just need to drop it in any "La Poste" mailbox
Presto WiFi Italy
Presto WiFi Italy
So, you are visiting Rome (Venice,Milan or any other gorgeous city in Italy) and want to keep connected to your friends and family back home? You should definitely consider renting a pocket wifi. Pocket WiFi Rental Italy
4 euro
29.99 euro
Rent with 4 weeks before your stay in Italy and you get a 5% discount!
Pocket WiFi Rental Italy
So, you are visiting Rome (Venice,Milan or any other gorgeous city in Italy) and want to keep connected to your friends and family back home? You should definitely consider renting a pocket wifi. We believe in offering freedom and mobility, so If you are looking for a pocket wifi in Italy then you came to the right place!

We have been offering pocket wifi rental services since early 2013 for tourists visiting Italy, especially in cities like Venice, Milano, Florence, Naples or Rome. Although our devices cover even relatively remote areas such as beautiful Positano :)!

You can opt for any standard package for 3, 5 or 7 days with data ranging from 1 to 2  Gb. Of course, we can add extra Gb to your order, just go ahead and ask us.

The pocket wifi device will be delivered on time at your hotel in Rome and you can easily return it after you have used it by simply dropping it at any post box or office. It would be our pleasure to help you with an offer, so please check our prices and contact our friendly customer service!
Here are a few things you could easily do with a mobile WiFi in Italy
Besides emails and browsing the Internet here are a few extra things that a mobile WiFi hotspot can offer you:

Getting directions: you can use Google maps on your smartphone with your GPS on and get step by step directions to your hotel, a great pizzeria or a famous attraction. No need to buy a map anymore! If travelling by car you can also forget about bringing or renting a GPS (as long as you have a smartphone)!
Skype & VOIP calls: stay in touch with whoever is important to you without worrying about the costs of international calls. You can use Skype or Nonoh (a great VoIP app with lower fees) and say “Hi!”  to your dear ones from Florence, Pisa, Rome, Napoli and other great places!
Tourist information: there are a couple of smart apps that can recognize a photo that you take (usually based on location so watch out for privacy issues) and offer you detailed information about that painting, statue or building! no need to buy a travel guide anymore!
Great local places: by using your portable WiFi hotspot you can have unlimited access to TripAdvisor or Google Place to find great places to eat & sleep. We recommend those two for getting good recommendations from the travel community
Instant translations: you can use Google Translate for texts and speech recognition, make sense of what the ragazzi around you are saying or even boost your Italian knowledge with a smart app as Duolingo
Make photos & videos and share them: would you like to send pics back home from the Colloseum or Piazza del Campo? Don’t wait to get to your hotel, with our mobile WiFi hotspot you can get 4G speeds (in larger cities) and send all the photos you want. You can even send a video with no worries about your data plan (you get 2 Gb/ week)

Pocket WiFi Rental Italy starting at 4 euro/day!
80 euro
credit card, debit card
Our package comes with a prepaid envelope you can drop at a post office or post box.
Presto WiFi Romania
Presto WiFi Romania
Want to avoid expensive data roaming charges? Then rent a portable wifi in Romania at the best prices Presto WiFi! and get the freedom and mobility you need!
If you rent 4 devices you get one for free!
Mobile WiFi Hotspot in Romania
Are you planning to visit Romania? Want to avoid expensive data roaming charges? Then rent a pocket wifi in Romania at the best prices from Presto WiFi and get the freedom and mobility you need!

Rental prices start from only 4,19 euro/day for a 7 day package and the minimum rental time is 3 days for 18.9 euro.

Would you like to order a pocket WiFi in Romania? Then please contact us at orders@prestowifi.com, let us know when you are coming and where will you stay and we'll provide you a free quote and all the details you need!

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Presto WiFi Romania
No data limit
credit card, debit card
Prepaid envelope
Rent ‘n Connect
Rent ‘n Connect
Rent ‘n Connect provides low cost, and flexible 3G Mobile Wifi Hotspot and Mobile Hotspot with Guide rental service to visitors who want to avoid expensive data roaming charges and who need fast, secure and affordable mobile 3G internet access during their visit in Turkey.
30% discount for all orders above 7 days
+90 212 705 62 88
Pocket WiFi Rental Turkey
Rent ‘n Connect eliminates expensive roaming costs, surprise bills and security concerns of public Wi-Fi’s for its customers with its fixed price plans and mobile devices.
Rent ’n Connect is :
• Practical : Portable and wireless devices provide you access to 3G internet anytime you need and anywhere you need.
• Sharing : Connect up to 10 devices simultaneously and enjoy mobile 3G connection with your family or friends.
• Flexible : No additional charges, only fixed prices for the devices and plans that suits you.
• Your travel companion : When abroad, our 3G hotspot tablet devices gives you access to up to date information, maps and contents just like your own personal tour guide.

Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot:

Portable Modem / Router: Connects to internet and broadcasts over Wi-Fi, pocket size, easy to carry around (<=30 gram)
3G Internet: Internet usage anytime and anywhere with 3G coverage.
Wi-Fi Connection: Enables internet access up 10 devices/users simultaneously via Wi-Fi connection, ideal for groups of people.
Practical: No cables or software installation to connect
Battery: Max 4 hours working time, 200 hours with Wifi on and 23 hours with Wifi off standby time.

Mobile Hotspot with Guide:

3G internet: 3G Internet usage anytime, unlimited Wifi access.
7 inch display: A handy device, easy enough to carry around during travel with a viewing size large enough for any type of entertainment.
Apps : Local guides, maps and essential apps.
Content : Customazible content, background and apps
Wifi Hotspot: Hotspot feature that allows up to 8 users connect to 3G internet simultaneously.
Operation System : Android

Please contact us for the optimum pocket wifi rental Turkey!
No deposit for the mobile hotspot
credit card, debit card, PayPal, cash at location
We provide return packaging, only drop the package to the hotel reception
Your personal Wifi Hotspot
10% off using the following promo code: RW1804
Wifivox is the top Mobile WiFi Hotspot Rental Service in Spain. We offer high speed and UNLIMITED Internet access everywhere you go in Spain.
Thanks to the Wifivox devices you will:

1) Avoid roaming fees: Avoid any unpleasant surprises when you get back from your trip. Keep connected for only 6,99 €/day no matter how much data you use!

2) Connect anywhere you go: You can freely move around the city or the country while using the Wifivox. It will give you Internet access anywhere you go.

3) Share your wifi (connect up to 10 devices): Wifivox creates a WiFi hotspot around you. If your friends and family are around you, they will be able to use the Wifivox as well. Share securely with up to 10 people at once

4) Enjoy 3.5 G UNLIMITED Internet access: Surf the web anytime with no limits. Forget about additional charges.

We also offer a wide option of delivery options. You can get your device at your hotel, apartment, private house and around 1.100 pick-up points in Spain. You won't need to wait the courier inside your apartment, just go to the beach, relax and pick-up at any pick-up point at your convenience.

You can also pick-up at our store in the center of Barcelona (c/ Agullers 18, just near Santa María del Mar) and meet the team!

Unlike all the other MIFI devices, our Wifivox device has a long-lasting battery that will work up to 10 hours. No more dead batteries! Go out and enjoy the city all day long without worrying about charging the unit!

At Wifivox our main goal is to provide an excellent customer support. We will be very happy to help you and solve all your questions. That is why we think that Wifivox is  your first choice for a mobile WiFi hotspot rental service in Spain.
Unlimited data
No deposit charged
credit card, debit card, cash at location
You have 4 different options to return your device 1) Drop it off at your hotel, apartment or private house: we will collect it from there. 2) Drop it off at special drop-off points: you can drop-off your unit at 1.100 special drop-off points in Spain 3) Drop it off at the airport: just return it at any Spanish airport before going back to your country 4) Drop it off at our store in Barcelona
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Hi-power Digitalworld Taiwan
Offering rentals for phones and pocket WiFi routers in Taiwan, starting at 5.13 euro/day.
Hi-power Digitalworld Taiwan is offering rentals for phones and pocket WiFi in Taiwan. It is the best way to avoid expensive data roaming costs, so please contact us if you'd like to receive a quote.

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Rent MiFi in Taiwan
credit card, cash at location
At airport
, ,

However, if your country is not on our list please get in touch with us and we’ll have one of our consultants help you.

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