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Want to use email or Skype/Facetime videocalls, download large files, browse the Internet and virtually work from anywhere? Would you like to do that without paying the expensive data roaming services your operator charges?

You’re in the right place! Please check our global directory of portable wifi providers for the country you’re travelling to and rent a portable WiFi device to suit your needs. We do our best to get the most complete and accurate view of the market.

Your personal Wifi Hotspot
10% off using the following promo code: RW1804
Unlimited data
No deposit charged
credit card, debit card, cash at location
You have 4 different options to return your device 1) Drop it off at your hotel, apartment or private house: we will collect it from there. 2) Drop it off at special drop-off points: you can drop-off your unit at 1.100 special drop-off points in Spain 3) Drop it off at the airport: just return it at any Spanish airport before going back to your country 4) Drop it off at our store in Barcelona


Popular choice for Spain at Rent WiFi

Wifivox is the top Mobile WiFi Hotspot Rental Service in Spain. We offer high speed and UNLIMITED Internet access everywhere you go in Spain.

Thanks to the Wifivox devices you will:

1) Avoid roaming fees: Avoid any unpleasant surprises when you get back from your trip. Keep connected for only 6,99 €/day no matter how much data you use!

2) Connect anywhere you go: You can freely move around the city or the country while using the Wifivox. It will give you Internet access anywhere you go.

3) Share your wifi (connect up to 10 devices): Wifivox creates a WiFi hotspot around you. If your friends and family are around you, they will be able to use the Wifivox as well. Share securely with up to 10 people at once

4) Enjoy 3.5 G UNLIMITED Internet access: Surf the web anytime with no limits. Forget about additional charges.

We also offer a wide option of delivery options. You can get your device at your hotel, apartment, private house and around 1.100 pick-up points in Spain. You won’t need to wait the courier inside your apartment, just go to the beach, relax and pick-up at any pick-up point at your convenience.

You can also pick-up at our store in the center of Barcelona (c/ Agullers 18, just near Santa María del Mar) and meet the team!

Unlike all the other MIFI devices, our Wifivox device has a long-lasting battery that will work up to 10 hours. No more dead batteries! Go out and enjoy the city all day long without worrying about charging the unit!

At Wifivox our main goal is to provide an excellent customer support. We will be very happy to help you and solve all your questions. That is why we think that Wifivox is  your first choice for a mobile WiFi hotspot rental service in Spain.

Popular choice for Spain at Rent WiFi

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Esondata Mobile WiFi Hong Kong rental plan
Welcome to Esondata Company Limited
3 Days / 5 Days
(852) 61815075
credit card
by courier pickup at residential address/ hotel/ business address


Most popular choice for Hong Kong at Rent WiFi

Mobile WiFi Hong Kong Rental Plan from Esondata

Welcome to Esondata Company LimitedNo more international roaming chargesCoverage
Esondata Company Limited provides secure and cost-effective mobile communication solution, including handset and oversea SIM card rental service, to travelers and overseas business. No matter you are a business traveler, a tourist, or studying abroad, Esondata can offer you a foreign handset or a country-specific SIM card so as to stay in touch with the others.
If you are travelling abroad, international roaming charge is always an unpredictable expense of your budget. The question always in your mind is whether you should switch on or switch off your mobile while you are away from home. Esondata provides you a controllable and affordable solution so that you will not miss any calls. By using the local SIM card or local number handset, we help you save up to 70% on your international roaming charges and there is no sale tax at all. In addition to that, you can also forward your own local number before your departure. Caller display is provided.
Esondata provides secure and cost-effective mobile communication solution to the leisure travelers and the business travelers in Hong Kong, Macau and China. The company has been in business for over 3 years. Whether you require just one handset or as many as 100 handsets to cater the employee base. Esondata will provide tailor-made solutions to meet your specific needs. We cover services in Japan, Korea, Australia, USA, UK, Germany, Italy, France, most European countries and even Cruise as well.

Most popular choice for Hong Kong at Rent WiFi

Pocket WiFi rental with 4G-LTE speed and unlimited data.
Free hotel delivery.
Free portable power bank for rental of 3days or more
Unlimited daily data
Return to hotel front desk or drop off into mail box (free postal charge)

Popular choice for Hong Kong at Rent WiFi

Hong Kong Pocket WiFi Rental Plan from WiFiCandy

WiFiCandy is one of the most popular pocket wifi rental company in Hong Kong. We deliver seamless and unlimited internet connection through a ultra-high speed 4G network to you. Our compact WiFi router connects to a 4G network up to 150Mbps, you can connect up to 10 devices and stay connected with your business and friends. We provide the best service, best option and a candy-sweet experience.

Popular choice for Hong Kong at Rent WiFi

MOXX Pocket WiFi in France
Unlimited 4G pocket wifi rental in France
3 days
Free Delivery for order above 69€
+33 652 000 659
No deposit needed
credit card, debit card, PayPal
Easy with prepaid tracked tearproof envelop

Pocket WiFi in France

Find out about our main features and the delivery methods in the tabs below.


Moxx is offering unlimited mobile internet high speed broadband for foreign travelers in France. So, if you need a pocket wifi in France we can offer you the best service on the market.

The 4G plan via last generation mobile hotspot rental (also known as MiFi or pocket wifi) allows to connect up to 10 devices simultaneously – these can be smartphones, tablets, PC / Mac laptops.

Based on the best 4G network in France Moxx allows tourists and business travelers to stay permanently connected and use all the applications of their mobile devices while avoiding expensive roaming charges from their operator. Plus, you also get top security as you will have a private network connection with WPA2 encryption.

Specific business solutions dedicated for business travelers, exposing in international fairs are available on request at pro.moxx.fr  or hello@moxx.fr

Booking is easy via the secured website https://moxx.fr and Moxx box delivered to the place of residence in France or made available at strategic locations: Paris CDG Airport and Orly, post offices throughout France. A pick-up solution 24h / 24h is available on request in Paris.

The return of the hotspot is facilitated through tear-proof and tracked prepaid envelopes that you receive together with our device. You just need to drop this at the nearest postbox or post office.

Your pocket wifi in France is just a couple of clicks away, let us help!

www.moxx.fr and Moxx (Mobile Boxx) are registered trademarks.

EasyMifi Mobile Wifi Spain Rental Plan
Easymifi offers the cheapest and easiest option to get Unlimited Internet in Spain during your trip, for up to 8 devices at full speed, up to 21 Mbps. Your Pocket Wifi Rental in Spain.
3 days
From less than 5,00 €/day
7 days € 49,00 – 14 days € 77,00 – 21 days € 105,00 - No data limits - Shipping and VAT included
+34 954289879
No Data Limits
70 €
credit card, PayPal
Courier company or prepayment envelope. So you can return the device in any postbox, located in any Spanish city and airports.


Popular choice for Spain at Rent WiFi

EasyMifi Mobile Wifi Spain Rental Plan

Wifi prepaid in Spain Easymifi, is the best option during your holidays or business
trip, because besides having internet in your hotel, aparment, holiday homes…, you could also bring it in your pocket and use it for 24 hours wherever you go; car, train, or on the beach, museums…This service allows watch all TV channels that you want, Voip (Skype, Viber), Apps, etc.

Unlimited internet during your trip over Spain at full speed up to 21 Mbps, up to 8 devices can be connected simultaneously: Iphone, smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras, etc.Book Online and pay with credit card or Paypal.   Wifi Rental in Spain Easymifi offers this low-cost service to those who use the “smartphone” to locate a restaurant, get directions to a place or keep in touch with their families. This way, they can visit Spain keeping their technological habits, without a big economic expenditure. Keep connected with easymifi: Internet – E-mail – Voip – Whatsapp – News – Maps – Videos – Social Networks…

The Easymifi team can deliver the Portable wifi for travellers to the place that the customer wants, hotels, apartments, villa, private residences… in all over Spain including the Canary and Balearic Islands, via express courier (24h) and returns can be made by courier or post, mailboxes at airports and partners offices.

Popular choice for Spain at Rent WiFi

Testimonials of Easymifi Customers:

“Fantastic service! Great Wifi Connection. Quick and easy to arrange! Would highly recommend to anyone who wants to get internet connection abroad!! 10/10!!”

“10 out 10, would definitely recommend to friends and family. excellent service, device was at reception on my arrival. obtained high speed connection at all times, will definitely use again if I’m travelling in Spain.”

“Perfect service, English-speaking staff, quick replies. We booked the device for the whole month and everything was OK.”

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Trawire Iceland Portable WiFi Rental Plan
Rent a Portable WiFi or iPad and use it anywhere you go in Iceland. Be “always-on” via 3G/4G with fixed price & unlimited data usage. Just easy!
1 day
Fixed price - Unlimited data
+354 5466060
credit card, debit card
At company location


Most popular choice for Iceland at Rent WiFi

Iceland Portable WiFi Hotspot Rental Service from Trawire

Rental Service DescriptionTrawire gives back!Specialties

trawire Rent a Portable WiFi or iPad and use it anywhere you go in Iceland. Be “always-on” via 3G/4G with fixed price & unlimited data usage. As easy as it gets!

Trawire is a provider of innovative technology products and services for showrooms, larger venues, hotels, airlines and ferries/yachts/cruisers. In general Trawire offer customized products for the travel industry.

We offer products and services which provides our clients with the competitive edge required to remain profitable in what is an increasingly competitive market.

Available in Iceland we offer rental of fully connected 3G devices to travellers. Traveling with mobile electronics that require a data plan, like a smartphone or an iPad when it’s not connected to the Internet, is a pain. No more frustration of roaming charges.

Autism We are always looking for creative ways to help our community and looking for new ideas in efforts of making life just a little more fun for children with Autism. Doing so can be achieved when you use the Trawire service.

New Photographers Trawire is supporting photographers who are taking their first step into the magical world of photography. We promote photographers by publishing (in their name) beautiful images on the Trawire website and in our marketing material and social activities.

For more information, click here iceland.trawire.com/we-give-back.

Device Rentals, Content streaming, 3G, Mobile Devices, MiFi, iPad, Travel, Kiosk, In-Flight Entertainment, In-Flight Rental Systems, In-Flight Carts

Most popular choice for Iceland at Rent WiFi

Alldaywifi Mobile WiFi Turkey Rental Plan
Rent a 3G Mobile WiFi Hotspot, and get connected to the internet in Turkey instantly.
3,50EUR per day on weekly rentals
+90 533 358 0419
Unlimited Data
credit card, debit card, PayPal
Hotel, hostel, vacation rental or contact person


Popular choice for Turkey at Rent WiFi

Alldaywifi Mobile WiFi Turkey Rental Plan

Rental service overviewRental stepsPayment & additional information

Unlimited data, no deposit, free delivery – Alldaywifi is a top choice for Wifi rental in Turkey. Your device will wait for you at any location you want so you can enjoy your trip to Turkey.

  • Unlimited data per day. Surf without worries concerning expensive roaming taxes billed by mobile service providers.
  • 3G speeds that stay stable throughout all Turkey, all day long. Alldaywifi  provides a Kit to ensure that you will have enough battery to surf if you are an intensive data user.
  • Forget about the hassle of buying a SIM card. Activating and registering a SIM card will require a lot a time and work in Turkey.
  • No need to remove your SIM card from your phone – Alldaywifi provides a Wifi cloud available for you with a unique ID and password.
  • No installation required – just power the device in only 3 seconds

  • Book your device online
  • Delivery can be made at any hotel reception or address provided by you in Turkey. Alldaywifi can also deliver in 2 hours in Istanbul if you decide to rent after your arrival.
  • Shipping is free of charge in Istanbul.  In the rest of the country, there is a 5 Euro fee for a one – way shipping. ( so to pick up and drop-off the device outside Istanbul the fee will be 10 Euro ).
  • Coverage is extensive throughout all Turkey, and the connection will remain stable even in areas is which 3G connections are not strong by default.
  • Returning the device is very simple: just leave the Alldaywifi kit at the reception of any hotel or to a contact person before your departure.

  • Payment can be done by all major credit cards or a Paypal account.
  • Refund guarrateed if you are not satisfied with the service or because of an issue on your side.
  • Extend, shorten or cancel the rental plan at any time with no additional fee! I case of canceling the rental service dureing the rental period, the charge will apply only to the used time to that point.
  • Insurance  will not be an issue. In case of theft or damage of the wifi hotspot, the customer will not be held responsible with an official report. A new device will be delivered in 2 hours in Istanbul and 24 hours for the rest of the country.

Popular choice for Turkey at Rent WiFi

WiFiCube Logo
WiFiCube offers pocket wifi rental services that ensure travelers to stay connected to internet access with no roaming charge! Anytime! Anywhere!
10% off for booking 8 -14 days, 15% off for booking 15-21 days and 20% off for booking 22+ days
credit card, debit card, PayPal
At Vancouver International Airport or by courier services

Popular choice for UK at Rent WiFi

UK Mobile Wifi Rental Plan from WiFiCube

Why WiFiCube?Rental FeesRental Steps
wificube benefits

  • Pick up your WiFiCube at the Vancouver International Airport or by courier services just before your flight and have it work as soon as you land.
  • Enjoy unlimited 3G/4G data with no roaming fees or data overage charges.
  • Stay connected for as low as 2.00 CAD per day when travelling with a group of 5 or more.
  • Save the trouble and do not have to worry about SIM-Locked phones/devices or network incompatibilities.



wificube rental steps

Step 1 ­ Book Online

Select your travel destination and rental start/end dates to check for product availability. After submitting the online booking form, you will be redirected to Paypal to complete the payment

Step 2 ­ Easy Pick Up

Pick up your WiFiCube rental product 1) at the Vancouver International Airport or 2) by courier service

Step 3 ­ Enjoy Unlimited Data During Your Trip

Simply turn on the WiFiCube at your destination and connect to the wifi network with the given password to stay connected with unlimited data during your trip

Step 4 ­ Easy Return and Drop off

Return and drop off your WiFiCube rental product 1) at the Vancouver International Airport or 2) by courier service

Popular choice for UK at Rent WiFi

Are you traveling and want to rent a MiFi device but you couldn’t locate a MiFi rental provider in a specific country? Please fill in our order form (free of charge) and we will put you in touch with one of our partner companies.

Our list of portable wifi providers is the most complete and accurate available on the Internet.  However, this is a growing industry and new companies enter the market every month. Are you a mobile wifi provider and your country is not on our list? Please contact us and we’ll have one of our consultants help you list in our MiFi Directory so that you also get the benefits of promoting your business and attracting more customers.

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