Tablets. Laptops. Phones. If it has Wi-Fi, it can use Karma.


Price for 1 day in EUR:
Pay-as-you-go: 71.69 euro for 1GB; 107.90 euro for 7GB; 202.05 euro for 20GB

Special promotions:
Share with someone new. Earn 100MB of data.

Your Karma hotspot takes it to the next level, connecting you with people instead of receipts. Letting you own data, instead of it owning you. And even better, your data never expires, ever. Now that’s good karma!

Data limit in MB/day:
unlimited access

Accepted payment methods:
credit card, debit card

When the people who provide online access stopped caring about you, we started. The internet is an amazing platform that has brought incredible innovation, yet the service connecting you to it is lacking progression. Unclear pricing. Uneffective support. Small print. We believe in totally different things.

For instance, by allowing you to pay for your own usage as you go, without a contract. Or with Social Bandwidth, enabling you to share your connection with those around you. There’s a lot that needs fixing. As we reinvent how we get connected, we’ll ask ourselves two basic questions. Is this simple? Is this honest?

How much does data cost?

With Karma, you pay for data as you go. 1GB costs $14. Share your hotspot connection to earn free data. The more you share, the more you earn.

Where can I use it?

Karma works in 80 major U.S. cities. That approximately covers 135 million people across the country! And it’s only the beginning.

What speeds can I get?

On average, you’ll see speeds of around 3 to 6 Mbps when downloading. There can be spikes of 10 Mbps or higher. For uploading, our speed can reach 1.5 Mbps.

Is it safe?

You have nothing to fear. Karma is as safe as Wi-Fi in your coffee shop. Most sites use HTTPS, like Facebook and Google, making your connection secure.

Does my data expire?

Nope. Data stays stored in your account. No expiration. No extra costs. It’s the crazy idea that data is yours to do with it as you please.

Do I pay for other people?

Never. Anyone can connect to your hotspot and get online. They’ll always pay their own way, using just your connection and not your data.
Do I need a subscription?

Absolutely not! With Karma, you always pay-as-you-go. We’ll alert you when you’re almost out of data and confirm before you pay. Simple.
Can I cancel my account?

Yes, of course. With Karma, you’ll never have any contracts or commitments. Before you go, let us know what’s up. We’re here to help!

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