Day Pass Wireless

Day Pass Wireless

High speed internet & hotspot rental.

Price for 1 day in EUR:
7.25 (for round trip shipping additional 7.33)

Special promotions:

Phone number:

Data limit in MB/day:
335 MBytes of data upload/download, for each day of rental

Deposit in EUR:
no deposit required

Accepted payment methods:
credit card, debit card, PayPal

Return information:
Ship to and from your mailbox

Who are we?

Welcome to DayPassWireless, premier provider of mobile Internet card rental nationwide. Located in Hickory, North Carolina, DayPassWireless was founded in 2008 as a subsidiary of Avenix LLC.


Our mission is to provide high-speed mobile Internet access, with the highest level of quality. At DayPassWireless, our skilled and friendly employees strive to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

What we offer

You can rent any of our high-speed Internet access air cards from one day to several months. The card is shipped to your home, hotel, or wherever you want. Once your rental is over, simply ship the card back to us from your mailbox, using the prepaid envelope provided.

DayPassWireless has signed long-term contracts for data services with Verizon. We offer award-winning quality air cards for all laptops. Each card that you rent from DayPassWireless has been checked and tested to ensure that what you want is what you will receive. While download speeds average 5-12 Mbps and upload speeds average 2-5 Mbps, you will experience high-speed access faster than DSL and comparable to cable modem.

You can rent your air card online 24/7/365, or call our trained customer service representatives for personal, friendly assistance at 1-828-328-9572 Monday-Friday between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM ET.

Shipping Cost

Order 3 days in advance to ensure the lowest shipping charge ($4.95 each way). We recommend overnight shipping for a cost of $23.85 if your rental Start Date is too close. Even if the rental card ships to you overnight, the cost to return the unit to us is still $4.95.

No Rental Charge During Shipping Time

You do not pay rental during the transit days of the equipment.

Return Postage-paid/Pre-addressed Envelope

For the return, you will find a postage-paid and pre-addressed envelope in the package we will send you. When your rental is over, just insert the equipment in the return envelope, and drop it in your mailbox.

Tracking Number Provided

The day your rental ships, we e-mail you the tracking number with a link for easy tracking of the shipment. The tracking number for the return shipment is also available.


We use USPS and FedEx as shipping method to your location. The shipping returns are all via USPS, so you only have to drop the return postage-paid/pre-addressed package in your mail box. No need to drive to a Fed-EX / UPS / USPS shipping counter

Guaranteed Time Delivery

For USPS Priority Mail® shipping ($4.95), you will receive your air card package at the time you normally receive your USPS mail. For next-day delivery via USPS and FedEx ($23.85) you will receive it by 3:00 PM.

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