WIFIVOX – your personal wifi hotspot. Coverage in more than 165 countries. We deliver all around Europe and USA!
Fixed daily price of € 6.99 per day
Use the Wifivox promotional code RW1203 for a 10% discount
Payment methods: credit card, a debit card or cash
No deposit charged by Wifivox
Coverage in over 165 countries throughout the Globe.
2 days rental minimum.
4 different options to drop-off your device. See Description for details
Up to 10 devices can be securely connected to 1 wifi hotspot
Daily data of 100 GB for usual navigation offered by Wifivox
Network connection speed depending of the area, between 4Mbps (3G) to 50 Mbps (4G).
Long battery autonomy for the Wifivox devices: up to 10 hours!

Wifivox is the top Mobile WiFi Hotspot Rental Service in Spain. We offer high speed and UNLIMITED Internet access everywhere you go in Spain.

Thanks to the Wifivox devices you will:

Avoid roaming fees
Avoid any unpleasant surprises when you get back from your trip. Keep connected for only 6,99 €/day no matter how much data you use!
Connect anywhere you go
You can freely move around the city or the country while using the Wifivox. It will give you Internet access anywhere you go.
Share your wifi (connect up to 10 devices)
Wifivox creates a WiFi hotspot around you. If your friends and family are around you, they will be able to use the Wifivox as well. Share securely with up to 10 people at once.
Enjoy 4G UNLIMITED Internet access
The WiFivox devices have a battery autonomy up to 10 hours.
Stay powered up to 10 hours
Surf the web anytime with no limits. Forget about additional charges.
We also offer a wide option of delivery options. You can get your device at your hotel, apartment, private house and around 1.100 pick-up points in Spain. You won’t need to wait the courier inside your apartment, just go to the beach, relax and pick-up at any pick-up point at your convenience.

You can also pick-up at ours stores in Barcelona (carrer Rosselló 324) and in Madrid (calle del General Lacy 20) and meet the team!

Unlike all the other MIFI devices, our Wifivox device has a long-lasting battery that will work up to 10 hours. No more dead batteries! Go out and enjoy the city all day long without worrying about charging the unit!

At Wifivox our main goal is to provide an excellent customer support. We will be very happy to help you and solve all your questions. That is why we think that Wifivox is your first choice for a mobile WiFi hotspot rental service in Spain.