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14 thoughts on “Pocket WiFi Price Inquiry

  1. Kwok Sau Lan Canny Reply

    Please advise if it is possible for my daughter to pick up the wifi unit in CDG Airport.

    • Alexander@Rent-WiFi Post authorReply

      Hello, it is advisable to include inquiries concerning pick-up and return in the Questions or comments section of our Estimation form, so that your question will automatically be forwarded to our partners.

  2. Lan Hoang Reply

    Please provide me with the cost estimate for the pocket wifi.

  3. xam Reply

    can I pick up the wifi router at DUS Airport on the 07.August 8:30 a.m.?

  4. Gabriel Reply

    Looking to rent a WIFI Egg for use while in Toronto, Ontario. I may be visiting New York as well. Will I be able to use the same device in the US ?

    • Alexander@Rent-WiFi Post authorReply

      Hello Gabriel,

      There is a “Questions or comments” section in our form, please ask all your questions regarding the rental services there. The forms are automatically forwarded to our partners. Also, there is the “More countries” section in which you should specify if you want a device in more than one country.

      Have a nice trip!

  5. Austin Chen Reply

    Please let me know if it is possible to pick up the mobile wifi at CDG airport terminal 1 and return at Schiphzl airport. thank you.

    • Alexander@Rent-WiFi Post authorReply

      Hello Jack,

      The majority of our partners should offer pick-up services at airports, remember to include this question in the “Questions or comments” section of our form, you will be notified by each company if they offer this kind of facility.

  6. Alexis Reply

    Can this just be delivered to my house? When will it arrive, hopefully before the start date? How much will it be for the time I need it?

  7. Asami Reply

    Am I able to pick it up somewhere in L.A before departure or somewhere ( ideally at airport ) in Vancouver?
    Thank you.

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