Facebook is testing a new feature to help you find free WiFi connections nearby

Facebook is currently working on a feature that may help you stay connected on the go, free of charge. In the last couple of days, some iOS users of the Facebook app saw a new feature under the “More” section – Find Wi-Fi. What’s the official statement of Facebook at this moment? “To help people stay connected to the friends and experiences they care about, we are rolling out a new feature that surfaces open WiFi networks associated with nearby places.”

It is a little unclear how Facebook will implement its new feature, and if it will be part of the Business Facebook WiFi program (Check in for the free internet). Facebook partnered with Cisco to facilitate WiFi access to Facebook users. This tool is available for quite a while know and it is a simple and convenient way to reach more people through your actual clients, to gain likes, engagement, and exposure.

We are all very excited to see the Find WiFi pilot work at its finest. Yes, there is a significant number of apps that can find wifi networks near you, but let’s face it, it’s easier when you have this option on your already installed app. However, as always, when you access a public network (especially when it’s free), remember that your need to protect yourself.

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