Lynx buses with free wifi powered by Verizon

Orlando Lynx Bus
Orlando Lynx Bus

Using the network will be very easy: customers need just to turn on the Wi-Fi on their device, select “LYNX-Bus WIFI” (no password is required), accept the terms & conditions, and enjoy the free Wi-Fi during the ride.

The initial investment totaled over $180.000, just to install the equipment. Additionally, yearly fees may rise up to $175.000, that includes device maintaince & support, security software and internet signal.  In an effort to reduce costs impact, the company hopes to generate income by monetizing the “LYNX-Bus WIFI” main page through advertising sales. Furthermore, Lynx is trying to meet customer needs with technological enhancements, helping them to plan their trip by developing a mobile fare payment system and a mobile app.

LYNX chief executive officer, Edward L. Johnson, said that “As we continue to roll out new technologies which will allow passengers to read and send emails, communicate through social media, and read their favorite electronic publication or correspondence while our operators take them safely to their destination, this is the first step in meeting that expectation.

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