40 MiFi rental companies in our Global MiFi Directory!

40 MiFi rental companies

We’re very happy to announce that today we crossed the border of 40 MiFi rental companies listed in our Global MiFi Directory! We have been growing steadily over the past few months (traffic, number of listed companies, team) and we’re confident that we’ll represent the first choice for tourists and MiFi rental companies alike!

The new comers vary across geographies like the British Virgin Islands, Japan, Hong Kong, Hungary or even the United States.

What about MiFi rental in Africa and Latin America?

We are planning to continue our expansion towards Asia and the Americas and we hope to see more and more companies emerging and offering MiFi rental services to tourists! The demand is growing as people are getting more familiar with renting a portable wifi hotspot for their travels. Everyone is trying to be more efficient and get savings on data roaming, we get more and more messages and questions from all over the world so the trend is definitely upwards!

At this moment Europe is covered pretty well, we also see good traction in Asia (mostly Sout-East Asia), however Africa and South America are seriously lagging behind and we hope to see this change in the future. The market is still open in these regions, just waiting for daring entrepreneurs to make a move and offer this service in highly frequented touristic areas.

So, do have a look at our Global MiFi Directory when you’re planning your next trip abroad! We’ll make it easy for you to find a MiFi rental company where you’re travelling, to compare prices and choose the best offer!

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