Interview with our partners at Alldaywifi Turkey

As one of the most well-rated wifi rental companies operating in Turkey (that we heard from our users that browse our directory) we felt the need to get to know better how did they got so popular and what makes them a great choice for your travels in Turkey. And, of course, we felt the need to share our talk with you, take a look at our interview and enjoy your travels to Turkey!

  1. What is the story behind the idea of Alldaywifi?

We jumped into travel business in 2012 as Airbnb hosts. After 2-year experience in this field, we just noticed that mobile internet is one of the most significant needs for our guests. It makes sense because when people go abroad, they need to communicate with others, find directions, restaurants, hotels, or attractions. Thus, internet, was the number one question of our guests, particularly when they are out of apartment to explore the city. Therefore, we decided to rent out mobile wifi devices, so we could be able to meet our guests’ needs better. After a while, the other Airbnb hosts and hotels started to ask for devices and we decided to establish Alldaywifi in April 2014.

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  1. What are the key factors that differentiate Alldaywifi from the other mobile wifi rental companies?

The most important purpose of Alldaywifi is to offer a whole experience to travellers while they are in Turkey. This means, when they book an Alldaywifi, they do not get only a mobile wifi device, but also a well-designed service. For example, our plans include unlimited data without any speed drops or hidden limits. To make sure our guests use Alldaywifi really all day long, each traveller gets a high quality powerbank with huge capacity. Alldaywifi is the first one who started to offer this to all guests and it was followed by other companies to catch up the competition. 24/7 fast customer support in case there is any issue, and extra services to make guests’ lives easier in Turkey are the two other important facts  we focus on.  Additionally, since we try to be a zero-footprint and green company, the Alldaywifi orders have been delivered by bicycles to the locations in Istanbul city center, that’s why we don’t charge our guests for that.

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  1. What is your main advantage over buying a SIM card in Turkey?

Buying a SIM Card as a tourist is a struggle in Turkey. There are 3 main mobile phone operators with different offers which focus more on local and contracted customers. Therefore they do not have any promotions or discounted fares for short term customers like travellers. Secondly, SIM Cards always come with a  limited data package such as 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB etc. The price varies from $30 to $55 and some of the operators charge even for SIM Cards either. So, the main benefit of Alldaywifi over SIM Cards is apparently offering unlimited data $5 per day and it’s being more convenient because you do not need to remove your SIM Card from your mobile phone and you can connect upto 10 devices for a price of one.

  1. There are some additional services you offer to your guests. Can you tell us more about Alldaywifi’s extra services?

As we mentioned before, our vision is creating a whole experience to our guests. That’s why we decided to offer some small services with mobile wifi rental, which makes traveller lives much more easier in our country. Let us explain some of them.

  • Museum Pass: It provides direct and fast entrance to the 12 main museums and additional discounts on several other museums, restaurants, and cafes.
  • Fast Museum Tickets: These tickets allow guests to leave the large queues behind and head directly to the 2 most famous museums: Topkapi Palace and Hagia Sophia.
  • Istanbul Card: It is a transportation card that can be used on public transport such as metro, tram, metrobus, bus, ferry etc. with up to %46 discounts on each ride.
  • Travel Adapter: Since Turkey has the European type of electrical sockets, travellers from the US, the UK, Australia, or China will have troubles here. So we provide high quality travel adapters and solve this problem quickly 🙂
  • Airport Transfer: In Istanbul, taxi fees start from $22 to city center and it increases fastly. So we offer a comfortable ride from the airport to the hotels and hand Alldaywifi devices when we meet the guests at the airport.
  • Airbnb Rentals: We have plenty of Airbnb apartments in the city center of Istanbul. So we offer accommodation opportunities to our guests beside Alldaywifi devices.
  1. Can you tell the daily life and operations in your office briefly?

In the morning, when we go to the office, we check the emails to see if there is any special request, update, or a problem with the reservations or currently used devices. We definitely make sure that we do not miss any contact request on any platform like email, facebook or twitter and we response each inquiry as soon as possible.

At the same time, we prepare and test the devices to be shipped and delivered within that day. One of our colleagues deliver city center orders with a bike. As we operate in whole Turkey, we ship other orders with cargo companies, so that Alldaywifi arrives always earlier than our guests to hotels’ receptions.

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  1. What are your future plans for the next 2 years?

With the high-quality service and brand new devices, our main purpose is to keep helping travellers have better time during their stays in Turkey. We aim to make them stayed connected all the time and with the additional services and make their stays more comfortable. Alldaywifi has been always a pioneer to improve mobile wifi rental service. Starting from April 1st, 2015, Alldaywifi will offer 4.5G mobile internet connection to its guests.

Alldaywifi aims to be the only point for travellers to be dealt, when they plan a trip to Turkey.

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