Interview with founders of Allday Internet Spain

MiFi rental in Spain

We recently had a talk with our friends from Allday Internet from Spain about their company, how business went during the summer and their plans for the future. We discovered a young company, truly dedicated to provide great service to their customers!

The starting point

We started Allday Internet with the aim to solve a big issue that approximately 58 million people have when they visit Spain. We wanted to help solve the problem of huge roaming bills and offer a high quality service.

Their business philosophy

Our top priority is to handle any problems that may happen as soon as possible, as fast as possible. We have an online chat,  an email and a customer service phone number available for all our clients. Plus, our website is available in 4 international languages and we are ready to answer any questions or concerns about MiFi rental in Spain.

How do you differentiate from other companies in Spain?

We are confident that our product, our technology and our service are excellent so we won’t comment about other companies. We believe there is a market for all of us and we actually have a relationship with other companies from the same industry. Together, we can develop and improve this service so we can spread it among tourists who visit us.

Actually we are all fighting against a common enemy – the abusive roaming rates. The European Union is trying to remove the roaming but we believe it will not be possible entirely. There are too many interests from the telecom operators for preserving roaming charges…

Plans for the future

Right now we serve customers all over Spain, the booking can be done online through our website and we deliver by a personal courier to the customer’s door. We are negotiating with important companies to distribute our product to more locations in the country so that we make MiFi rental in Spain a piece of cake! In a few months we will grow immensely. We are working very hard on this and we are also beginning to take steps to expand to other countries 🙂

Should you have any questions or feedback for Allday Internet Spain please use the comments form below, we would be happy to hear from you!

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