Interview with ExpressoWiFi – Pocket WiFi Rental in Italy

ExpressoWiFiToday we are going to present a new mobile hotspot service for consumers who need to stay connected everywhere and without roaming charges to the internet during their holiday in Italy. It’s ExpressoWiFi’s MiFi Italy rental service. It consists in a rental 4G/LTE mobile hotspot in Italy, providing unlimited internet traffic and the best network coverage.

Discover more information in the following  interview with Sabrina, a team member of ExpressoWiFi.


Q: Hi Sabrina! Can you tell us why you have chosen this brand name for your service?

A: Because we wanted to combine the name of a typical  Italian product (Expresso coffee) with technologic innovation. Tradition with newness: that’s what ExpressoWiFi represents.


Q: Why the need for this service?

A: Because we’re aware of the fact that there are high roaming coasts for tourists travelling to Italy. Unfortunately there aren’t many free Wi-Fi points on national territory. For this reason we have conceived a convenient service for tourists, so that they can enjoy Skype, Whatsapp, Google maps and many other services during their holiday.


Q: What are the strengths of ExpressoWiFi?

A: We have four main strength-points:

1)  A TRUE 4G LTE with the best operator in Italy, TIM, with REAL unlimited traffic, providing up to 100 Mbps/s in download and 50 Mbps/s in upload, the fastest internet connection on national territory

2)  Unlimited internet data traffic

3)  National network coverage

4)  Connection of 10 devices at the same time


Q: Can you explain how the rental process works?

A: The rental process is very simple and fast, it takes a few steps: you can order the device on our website, click on BOOK NOW, choose the rental period and where to deliver and collect it (Hotel, apartment or Expresso point). Done!


Q: How much does it cost?

A: We offer different prices depending on the rental period. For example, among several offers, it is possible to rent our device for a special price of 4 Euros a day only.


Q: How do you see your startup company in two years?

A: Our aim is strengthening our position in the Italian market and on international  level as well, providing quality service to our clients and satisfying their needs.

Thank you very much Sabrina and good luck for your project!

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