MiFi with touchscreen in Europe?

MiFi with touchscreen is available in US. Photo: Google
MiFi with touchscreen is available in US. Photo: Google

MiFi with touchscreen in Europe? Still a dream!

It’s been more than a year since Novatel brought it’s MiFi Liberate to the US market, a gorgeous 4G portable WiFi device. As we explained in a previous article, mobile WiFi routers are a great solution for frequent travelers, accommodating anyone who needs to get online wherever they are. No longer being at the mercy of hotels and their Wi-Fi price-gouging makes it worth the money!

What do we love about MiFi Liberate?

The thing we appreciate the most is its excellent 2.8-inch LCD capacitive touchscreen, the first to be brought to market on a portable WiFi hotspot! It responds to the slightest touch, letting you easily explore around its menus. What’s even cooler about this MiFi with touchscreen is that even while using its’ terrific screen, it still has about 10 hours of battery life per charge. We don’t see this performance at the classic mobile WiFi hotspots from Huawei or ZTE (the one most telecom operators offer) so it’s a performance indeed!

That screen can be very useful in several ways. For example, what really made an impression was the way it indicated when a device has connected. Once it has, you can go down further to get more details about that device.  And the screen adjusts for orientation, re-positioning itself when you turn it upside down just like your smartphone does.

It also has a pretty cool sharing feature so that when multiple users are connected you can share movies, music and photos by accessing content on a microSD card inserted into the side of the MiFi.

Bring it on and we’ll be the first to promote you!

We’re looking forward to see this device or a MiFi with touchscreen on the European market and we’re even willing to freely promote the first MiFi-to-rent provider to put it in action for international travelers! That’s to show how bad we want it! 🙂

Till then, if you’re travelling to Europe and you’re looking for a portable WiFi hotspot please search through our MiFi directory and get in touch with a provider! It will save you money and offer the freedom you need on the road! Get in touch with us if you didn’t find one and we’ll help, or let us know about your feedback after using them!

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