What are the most relevant social networks for MiFi providers?

Most of our articles are addressed to current & potential customers of mobile WiFi hotspots and we intend to keep it this way, so please keep an eye on our blog for the most relevant news on MiFi rentals worldwide. From time to time, though, we’ll post an article that might be of interest for MiFi providers – companies all over the world that rent mobile wifi hotspots. Here is one about social media networks that are most suitable for this industry.

Making sense of the social media chaos

You can see with a naked eye that the number of social networks on the web has increased exponentially since 2007-2008. And we still get news everyday about new professional networks, social marketplaces, photo communities or tools for reviewing or commenting, both international and at local levels.

At some point you could see websites having social media plugins for dozens of social networks, from the classic ones (Facebook, Twitter and Youtube) to some with funky names as qik, etsy or banjo.. The thing is, how do you know which are the most relevant ones to your business? Which are the ones that will help you as a MiFi rental provider to attract new customers? Read on for a few tips from Rent-WiFi.com

Best networks for MiFi providers

First off, you really need to identify the best social networks that can connect you to your audience – tourists that visit your country. Here are some things to pay attention to:

Define clear customer segments

You need to have some clear customer segments defined for your MiFi rental business. Some basic questions you need answers to are where do most tourists that visit your country come from? Are they mostly young, middle-aged or seniors, travelling alone or with groups (family, friends)?  Are they travelling to your country for business or leisure? Where do they get informed about your country? Add all these up and you’ll get a pretty good idea about the customer segments you’re after more than intuitively.

Select the most relevant social networks

After understanding your customer segments you need to identify the most relevant social networks for each of them. Youngsters might use Facebook or Twitter, business people might use Linkedin or XING and so on. Here’s a useful info graphic from conversationprism.com that can help you identify the most popular social networks from more 112 listed services. Click on the image for a better view and make sure you choose the social networks which are most known/used by your target audience, not the ones you know or like the most:)

Social networks for MiFi providers

Engage, engage, engage

Obviously, once you decide on 2-4 social media channels you should do your best to engage your audience in a consistent and creative manner. Meaning that you need to have a good approach for each of them, depending on the target audience they connect you to, and you need to come up with daily updates, promotions and useful stuff. Also feel free to experiment – try using Pinterest or Google+ instead of Twitter or the other way around. See what works best and don’t hesitate to cut one and decide to focus on just 1 or 2.

We hope the info graphic was useful and that you got some tips out of this short article. We’d love to get your feedback and listen to your opinion if you are a portable WiFi provider! What social media channels do you use and why?

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