Pocket WiFi in the Caribbean or how to save money on WiFi on a cruise ship?

Pocket WiFi in the Caribbean
Pocket WiFi in the Caribbean. Photo: Google

The prices of WiFi on Cruise boats

Hundreds of thousands of tourists choose to cruise around the Caribbean countries every year, looking for adventure in the sun. Cruise trips surely are lots of fun, but they also make you burn cash like nothing else! On a cruise ship they will charge you for anything they can and everything that’s out there – meals, drinks, slippers, extra shampoo, gym and, of course, WiFi Internet connection!

The vast majority of the cruise ships out there are fully equipped with Internet cafes and WiFi hotspot areas (speeds aren’t as good as your home Internet connection, of course) but the prices are sky high! What does “sky high” actually mean? Well, they charge Internet by the minute and prices vary between 0.50$/ minute to 0.75 $ / minute. You can also opt for packages like 300$/25 hours on Crystal Cruises, 167.95$/ 8 hours on Cunard Line cruises or 800 minutes for $200 on Regent Seven Seas ships. You can check the prices for WiFi on cruise ships in this material on Cruise Critic.

How to save money on WiFi on board a cruise ship?

So, getting a pocket WiFi in the Caribbean countries might be a good idea if you’d like to use your money for cocktail drinks instead 🙂 To help you find better and cheaper options we started researching for MiFi providers in the region (see map below) and we hope to come back with some answers in the next 2 weeks.

If you have already had some experience with renting a pocket WiFi in the Caribbean please get in touch with us!
Pocket WiFi in the Caribbean

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  1. Adrian Reply

    I am going to a cruise debating port canaveral in Florida. Is there an option to pick up the pocket wifi at the airport when I arrive in port canaveral?
    What are my options?
    Thank you

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