Portable WiFi Rental – stay connected and pay like a local!

Why a portable WiFi rental is a good idea!

A while ago we explained what a MiFi or a portable wifi device is, today we’ll just offer you some tips on why a portable wifi rental is a good idea:

  1. Because you are not going on holiday to The Stone Age
  2. Because a limited plan is usually not a good plan
  3. Because you want to be hyperconnected, not hypercharged
  4. Because Internet access does not have to be limited
  5. Because you care about privacy and don’t trust open WiFi hotspots

How does it work?

Just have a look at the image below and find out how easy it is to rent & use a portable wifi hotspot!

How does a MiFi hotspot work? Photo: Google

For finding the best offer for your country have a look at our directory of portable wifi devices providers.

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