US Grand Prix

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US Grand Prix. Photo: Google
US Grand Prix. Photo: Google

Did you know that the US Grand Prix is held in Austin? It is and that is not the only thing that Austin has to recommend either. Austin is the capital of the state of Texas. It can be found right in the middle of the state and has the 11th largest population in the US.

There are frequently concerts in Austin as there is a huge music history with the city and this city is actually known as the Live Music Capital of the World! There are also other types of events that happen all year long. No matter when you plan to visit this city you will find that there is something going on. There are even sporting events that happen here.

If you would like to go swimming while you are there you might try the pool at your hotel or the Barton Springs pool. You may choose to visit Mount Bonnell or even the Texas State Capitol building. If you are in the mood to shop then you could make your way over to the Barton Creek Square Mall or East 6th Street. Austin also has another great way for you to see the city. That is by taking one of the Austin Segway tours.

F1 US Grand Prix

There are a great many things to see and do in Austin. There is a fantastic history to the city and it includes music as well as car races and even more. Austin has much to offer but the best attraction by far for race fans is the Grand Prix. When booking tickets for the US Grand Prix you should consider Austin Grand Prix packages. Some of the US Grand Prix packages that are available include things like hotels and flights, transfers and reservations at restaurants and clubs. You may even want to take advantage of one of the Austin Grand Prix hospitality packages that will include fine dining, open bars, champagne and the best views of the race.

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