Vodafone launches a 4G MiFi before launching its’ 4G network

Launching a 4G MiFi before having a 4G network, here’s a rather disappointing news coming from Vodafone!

The news comes from Engadget who asks:

How about buying a device to use on a service that doesn’t exist… yet? That’s Vodafone’s thinking behind launching its first 4G wireless hotspot, two months before its LTE service begins rolling out.

We contacted Vodafone UK to get their opinion and here is their answer from Ally Stevens (Media Relations):

Vodafone will launch 4G in the UK by the late summer. The timing of launch is in our hands and we want to make sure that we provide our customers with the great service they expect from us when we do launch.

Vodafone Mifi device. Photo: Google
Vodafone Mifi device. Photo: Google

Apparently, the 4G MiFi device will be offered for 39 pounds and will be able to connect  up to 10 devices simultaneously. It comes with a 32GB SD card reader and a 2,800mAh battery which will give you an autonomy of +4 hours. The offer is valid if you sign up for a plan offering you 1GB of monthly data for £10 a month.

We believe that’s a pretty good deal for those living in the UK. For tourists & business men who just have to stay for a while in the UK we recommend using our MiFi directory to find a 4G MiFi provider in the UK.