WiFi on airlines

Wifi onboard Virgin America. Photo: Google
Wifi onboard Virgin America. Photo: Google

WiFi on airlines is picking up!

WiFi on airlines is one of the most asked-for features airlines can offer to their customers and the trend is definitely picking up!

According to Chicago Tribune, airline companies such as Virgin America, AirTran and Delta offer US passengers 100% WiFi coverage on board. Others such United, Frontier and JetBlue are making progress as we speak.

 The “holy grail” of in-flight connectivity is a combination of Wi-Fi with a power outlet. So far, Virgin America is the only line with 100 percent availability of both features.

Routehappy provided some data on individual routes with the highest number of Wi-Fi flights — the tops are Los Angeles-San Francisco and Los Angeles-JFK — but knowing that lots of Los Angeles-JFK flights have Wi-Fi doesn’t help you much if you’re flying from Denver to Omaha.

Getting a MiFi is more advantageous

In most cases the WiFi services are offered by GoGo at a fee of  $14 for an all-day pass, $39.95 for a monthly pass on one airline and $49.95 a month for unlimited use on any airline. The prices are not that competitive and they won’t lower until more competition gets on this market. If we were to compare the daily fee to one of the MiFi providers in our MiFi directory, for $14 you can get half a week of WiFi in any European country 🙂

Anyways, progress is definitely being made and the companies who push this are worth the applause! WiFi on airlines will probably become mainstream 2-3 years, till then find the best portable WiFi offers on Rent-WiFi.com!

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