Wireless Battery Chargers for Smartphones and Pocket WiFis

Goodbye Battery Stress!

Wireless Battery ChargerWe have some great news for all tech lovers out there, especially If you are as frustrated as we are to see great smartphones and other cool devices with lousy battery power! There’s a new startup company that is working on a wireless battery charger that will make this problem history!

Wattup is a new technology developed by Energous that will allow most devices we use in our houses, from smartphones to tablets, pocket wifi routers, smartwatches, laptops or even larger appliances, to charge wireless. For this they need to have the special Wattup antenna which the company is currently trying to promote on the market.

Wireless Battery Charger – How does the technology actually work?

Have a look at the video below, it’s pretty self-explanatory. It’s different from other solutions because those normally require to use a special pad on which to place your device for charging – Wattup makes all this go away.

The company says “Unlike inductive pad technologies, our wire-free charging allows you the freedom to move as your devices are charged within an energy pocket which moves and tracks with your device”

It also provides an app to track how your devices charge and a software management solution. Energous also announced they signed partnerships with 9 appliance producers in the world, players like the Chinese Haier or the Korean Hanbit Electronics. We are still waiting for major players like Samsung, Huawei or Apple to introduce this technology so we might have to wait at least 1-2 more years to see wireless battery chargers incorporated into these popular devices, but the future is clearly pointing in that direction!

What do you think about wireless battery chargers? Would you be willing to invest in such a device? It would surely make life easier for a lot of pocket wifi operators we partner with!

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